5 star review skincare – Are they worth it?

When it comes to choosing a new skincare product many people scroll through customer reviews before deciding on whether to part with their cash. That’s a very wise thing to do.

Amazon, the online website that pretty much sells anything you can think of, is inundated with beauty products. Sometimes you see a beauty product online and you want (okay need) it ASAP. I hate paying for delivery so I always look for free delivery options.

Amazon have a Prime monthly service that enables you to buy pretty much anything on the website and get it delivered the very next day. You also get to enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of films and TV shows, through Prime Video.

If you fancy any of the following skincare products (or anything in general) then I’d advise making use of their free 30 day trial so you get free next day delivery 🙂

OLAY Classics Beauty Fluid Regular 200ml

RRP £6

Amazon: £5

This iconic beauty product has stood the test of time – and it’s no surprise why! The Olay Beauty Fluid was the very first moisturiser I ever used when my mum introduced me to skincare aged ten. I’ve recently got back into using it over the past few months and I don’t know why I ever stopped.

The lightweight, non greasy formula is so moisturising and fast absorbing. It’s perfect under sunscreen and make-up. Even though it says “day cream” it’s great to use at night too.

Best of all, it’s so affordable!

Get it here:

SBC Arnica Skincare Gel 500ml


My mum has been using the SBC range for years because the water-based gel formula is fast absorbing and non-greasy. Arnica gel is a herbal remedy for healing bruises, sprains and muscle soreness. Also, due to arnica’s anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also great for acne. I used this stuff throughout my childhood and it was great for sporting injuries and horrible teenage acne.

Get it here:

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash 150ml

RRP £25

Amazon: £22.50

This is basically your morning green smoothie for your skin. This gel cleanser is packed with nutrient-dense super greens and an active prebiotic to leave your skin feeling super clean (but not dry) and radiant. With ingredients such as broccoli seed oil, kale extract, nettle extract and avocado oil, it sounds good enough to eat (please don’t!)

I prefer to use this in the morning as oppose to night time because I wear make-up.

Get it here:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 100ml

£23.28 (comes with 2 muslin cloths and a wash bag)

Best. Cleanser. Ever. I have been using this for years to cleanse my face and remove make-up. I wear quite heavy eye make-up and the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish takes off thick liquid liner, dark eye shadow and mascara. Start by rubbing the cleanser onto dry skin over your face and eyes (be gentle there). Rinse the muslin cloth under warm water and wring out before polishing off the cream. Finish by splashing your face wish cold water to close your pores.

Tip: to effectively remove eye make-up, leave the cream on for a few moments before gently rubbing it away.

Get it here:

Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner

RRP £24.50

Amazon: £14.95

Toner not only helps to unclog pores by removing oil and grime, but also helps to restore your skin’s PH balance after you’ve washed your face. Some toners can be harsh as they can dry out your skin and smell of alcohol.

My favourite toner is the ginseng toner from Elemis because it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and smells amazing!

Get it here:

Navigating the beauty section on Amazon (or any website for that matter) can be very overwhelming. These five star review products are certainly worth the money and I would definitely recommend them!

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Until next time,

Maya x

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