Make-up trends that need to die

*Disclaimer* before I start I just want to say that, at the end of the day, it’s just make-up and you wash it off. Many make-up fanatics can get a bit… hostile and defensive when someone says something that they don’t agree with. So if you do enjoy the following beauty trends then fine. This is just my opinion so no hate please!

Anyway, here are five make-up trends (and a bonus) that need to die.

The “Insta gradient Brow”

The trend of having exaggerated block brows that form a “gradient” effect have been popular amongst wannabe make-up artists on Instagram and YouTube for years. I really don’t understand the appeal of looking like you have a monobrow!

Expert make-up artists that work with famous actresses and singers do not fill in brows like this. These bold brows look really harsh and make young girls look like drag queens. Now, there’s nothing wrong with drag queens, but their make-up applications don’t work on typically feminine facial features.

Excessive use of concealer

Wannabe make-up artists on social media love concealer so much that they pretty much paint their face with it despite already wearing foundation. There is no need to apply a huge triangle of concealer under your eyes. It’s not only wasteful, but also ageing! A dot or two of product blended out under your eyes is more than enough. Use your finger or a concealer brush for more coverage because a sponge will sheer out the concealer.

YouTube: Wayne Goss (I totally agree with you Wayne!)

I love using Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector or Bare Minerals Bareskin serum concealer. They disguise dark circles and make me look more awake.

“Baking” your face

“Baking” is a technique started by the drag community that involves applying a thick layer of loose powder under your eyes and areas of your face you would highlight after contouring. This make-up step follows concealing under the eyes and contouring the face. You then leave the powder to “bake” for a few minutes before dusting it away. Apparently this prevents make-up from creasing, but I think it’s wasteful considering the excessive amount of powder that is used. It can also be very ageing and drying. If I’ve put a little bit of concealer or a colour corrector under my eyes then I slightly dust a bit of powder on it. That is more than enough.

“Beauty influencers” with a huge following do this make-up step, but considering that they are usually gifted expensive powders in PR packages then they can afford to be wasteful.

Over lining lips

Over lining your lips isn’t a new make-up technique, but I really dislike the trend of doing this to the point that it does not look natural. Then again, many celebrities or “beauty influencers” claim to be over lining their lips when they’re just hiding the fact that they’ve had lip fillers…

Courtesy of Instagram

In this photo, Kylie Jenner is indulging in two of my make-up pet hates, including…

Glossy lids

Why? Just why?

Over edited photos

There’s nothing wrong with putting a filter on a photo; it’s been happening for decades. However, I have an issue with people that upload heavily edited photos to social media and claim that they haven’t. What do I mean by heavily edited? Using apps or computer software to transform your face, your legs, your boobs, your waist… making this photo so unlike you that people wouldn’t recognise you in real life. Or, if they do recognise you, they will notice that your face, hair and figure don’t resemble the photos on your Instagram page.

Also, it is worth noting that some YouTubers use filters over their videos to make their skin look youthful, radiant and flawless! I struggle to trust their opinions on make-up products such as foundation and concealer.

This is so harmful to young impressionable teens as they struggle to decipher what is real and what is pretend. Not only will many grow up to have harmful perceptions of body image, they might also compare their “boring” lives to an influencer’s seemingly fulfilled, happy life where they reside in a utopia. Lies.

So, do you agree? Have I missed out any of your “pet hates” relating to make-up? Let me know!

Until next time,

Maya x

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