Skin care series: Age defying secrets of a youthful Chinese woman

The shocked looks of disbelief never fail to amuse me when my mum introduces me as her daughter and reveals my age. I don’t look 22 and my mother certainly does not look older enough to have a child that old. And no, she was not a teenager when she had me.

My mum is Chinese (I’m half) and Eastern Asians are known for maintaining their youthful looks. Of course genetics play a major role in this, but here’s the secret… skincare! The importance of a good skincare routine was drilled into my daily habits from a very young age. Here are the tips I’ve learned from my mum:

Use cleanser and NOT face wipes

My choice in cleansers as a teen with oily skin is very different to my current go to products for my dry-combo skin. Make sure you choose the products that are suitable for your skin type.

I use a gentle face wash in the morning and a cleanser at night that will take off my make-up.

Top tip: ALWAYS take off your make-up! Also, don’t use face wipes unless you are really desperate.


I’ve been using toner since I was about 12 years old, which was way before using toner became mainstream in the Western world. Toner not only helps to unclog pores by removing oil and grime, but also helps to restore your skin’s PH balance after you’ve washed your face.

Exfoliate and use face masks… but not too often

Face scrubs and face masks are amazing at targeting certain skin problems you might be dealing with. However, frequent use can sensitise your skin and irritate it further. I would advise limiting the use of face scrubs and masks to once or twice a week. If you have dry or sensitive skin then you need to be extra careful with the products you use. I covered this in my last blog post:

Top tip: Opt for radiance enhancing products for a youthful healthy glow!

Eye cream

I only started using eye creams when I was 21, but now I can’t do without them. The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner and more delicate than the rest of your skin so eye creams are a much better option than your usual face moisturiser. The eye contour is more prone to showing early signs of ageing so the earlier you start using eye creams the better!

Simply dot a tiny amount around the orbital bone, from the inner to the outer corners of your eye area.

Top tip: Use your ring finger and don’t rub! This is your weakest finger so you’ll put less pressure on the delicate eye area.


I was introduced to Olay Beauty Fluid when I was 10 years old and I have recently started using it again! The scent is so nostalgic and it quickly absorbs into the skin so it doesn’t feel heavy. I moisturise every morning before applying sunscreen and I use a night cream after I’ve cleansed my face at night.

Top tip: Remember to moisturise your face AND neck. The neck is a tell-tale sign of premature ageing.

Use sunscreen every single day!

Applying sunscreen every day is a must if you want to delay signs of ageing whilst also preventing skin discolouration and skin cancer. Sunscreens have come a long way through the years. There are many formulas out there that are easily absorbed, non-greasy, don’t clog pores, and are suitable to use under make-up.

Top tip: It’s great if your foundation and powder contain SPF, but this will not provide enough protection on its own! Always apply sunscreen before your primer and foundation.

So, these are the skincare steps I’ve been using since I was a child. Opting for more gentle skincare products and applying sunscreen every day are the most important tips you should take on board.

What are your favourite skincare products? Which beauty topics would you like to see in future?

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