Game of Thrones Finale: Not all bad

When an award winning, immensely popular series comes to a close you know, as a writer, that you will never be able to please everyone. Breaking Bad, Dexter… Game of Thrones is not exempt.

Game of Thrones has finally come to a close after eight epic years, but fans are divided over their reactions to last night’s finale. My feelings are conflicted too.

The final series has faced HUGE backlash from the public and an internet petition calling for the final episodes to be re-made has earned over one million signatures from disappointed fans. Many expressed their anger about Dany destroying King’s Landing. They argued that this was uncharacteristic of her.

I don’t agree with this.


I know Dany’s insanity was foreshadowed in earlier episodes so I wasn’t that surprised that she went mad and set King’s Landing ablaze with Dragon fire, killing enemies and innocents. What I am annoyed with is how underwhelming Cersei and Dany’s deaths were. Everything just seemed rushed.

Dany and Cersei were powerful female characters and have had major plots revolving around them. Cersei’s death was the most disappointing out of the two. I wanted the evil queen to get her just desserts and die in some epic scene. I kind of thought that Jaime, her brother/lover, would be the one to kill her… but no, no she just gets crushed by a stone ceiling.

So, let’s focus on the final episode. I knew that Dany would die and I did suspect that Jon would be the one to kill her. This scene was kind of satisfying although I don’t understand why Drogon didn’t burn Jon alive? He just growls at his mother’s killer/lover/nephew before flying away with his mother’s corpse in his claw.

And then we come to the appointment of the new monarch of the seven (well six now) kingdoms. I honestly thought that Jon Snow would become king but nope it’s his paralysed broody teenage brother/cousin that likes to take frequent naps and transport himself into the body of a raven. Bran doesn’t stand up to moody Grey Worm and demand that Jon is freed. He’s king so he should be obeyed. But nope, Bran exiles Jon to hang out with the now redundant Night Watch posse.


Overall, I am disappointed with the last couple of episodes of the final season as the writers could have invested more into the main characters instead of just CGI battle scenes.

There are, however, a few saving graces. I like how Sansa became Queen of the North and Arya went to explore uncharted lands west of Westeros. I thought the final scene of the king’s council meeting was light hearted and funny.

Most of all, I am happy that Jon was reunited with Ghost.


So, what did you think of Game of Thrones? Were you disappointed or satisfied with the finale? Let me know in the comments or stay in touch on Instagram and Twitter @themayanirvana